A modern roof should last 30+ years, yet an infected roof without maintenance will cause enough shingle damage to require early replacement. Typical loss of roof integrity due to late Stage 2 Infection is 30% (i.e. If your "30 year" roof was $10k that's a $3,000 loss on your investment). Please contact us and we will provide you with a detailed packet explaining How and Why your roof is being deteriorated by the infection.

Your roof requires periodic maintenance in order to survive its warrantied life-span. A neglected roof typically has to be replaced long before the warranty expires, yet evidence of neglect voids the warranty. Insurance providers do an inspection of each home every 3 to 5 years, and evidence of a neglected roof can result in up to a 30% reduction of your roof’s coverage. Periodic maintenance includes:
•    Caulking Around Vents and Flashing
•    Replacing Missing or Torn Shingles
•    Repairing Nail-Lift
•    Trimming Low-hanging Branches (every 2-3 years)
•    Debris Removal (Annually)
•    Zero-pressure Algae Stain Removal (every 3-5 years)

Neglecting roof maintenance will lead to leaks, voided warranty, reduction of insurance coverage, and ultimately an early roof replacement. Click here to schedule a free roof inspection within 30 miles of our Beaumont or Kingwood offices.

STAGE ONE: No damage, requires only Preventative Treatment or Light Cleaning. Roof will typically meet or exceed its warrantied lifetime.

STAGE TWO: Damage begins. Excessive granular loss and heat retention. Treatment ranges from Medium to Heavy Cleaning. Roof can be saved.

STAGE THREE: Roof is severely damaged and will literally crumble under severe weather. Roof can be cleaned for aesthetic purposes but will still need to be replaced.

Benefits of roof cleaning:

  •     Enhance Curb-Appeal

  •     Maintain Re-Sale Value

  •     Restore Roof to New Appearance

  •     Avoid the Expense of Buying a New Roof

  •     Minimize Shingle Damage in Tropical Storms

  •     Save Electricity by allowing shingles to Reflect Heat Properly