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Roof Cleaning Prices are based on calculated variables

We have the most fair pricing system of its kind! If you've ever dealt with a contractor who "shoots from the hip" or raises his rates after seeing your nice car, then you already know the value of a good pricing system. Our rates are based on two key factors:

Roof Measurements (Size and Pitch)- We measure the surface area in standard roofing "squares" (10x10) using Satellite imagery. Please do not confuse "squares" with standard square feet of your house. Unless your roof is perfectly flat the surface area of your roof is typically 20-40% larger than the floor square footage of your home or business. The pitch (steepness) of your roof affects the price due to the amount of cleaning solution required to remove the stains and the added layer of danger if ridge walking is required. A steep roof requires more cleaning solution and labor time due to the gravity run-off (dripping) and difficulty in performing a proper rinse.

Age of Roof-Another important factor in determining the most accurate price is in evaluating how many years of algae growth are present. Algae that has been visible for less than 3 years (Light Streaks) requires 1-2 treatments** whereas algae growth of 3+ years (Solid Coverage and Thick Streaks) always takes 3-4 treatments** to come clean. Level of Algae infection is easily determined through an in-person inspection and/or comparing several years of Satellite imagery from Google Earth.

**All treatments are on the same day.

"Ball-Park Prices"- Our systematic approach to pricing was one of the primary reasons we were awarded the 2016 Torch Award by the Better Business Bureau for ethics and marketplace trust. All variables aside, here's the average of all invoices for 2015-2016 rates: Small home $500, medium sized $800, large home $1,200, mansion/commercial $2,000+. Overall, a roof restoration should never cost more than 10% of the replacement cost of the roof, and only has to be done once (prior to 15 years of neglect) for a roof to meet or exceed its warrantied life-span. Most of our clients elect to have roof cleaning every 3-5 years to maintain aesthetics. For an accurate price based on the variables and hazards present on your property please provide us your address in the form below. 

Added Value- While on your roof we do a detailed inspection looking for any potential leak spots and perform the repair. Every composite roof over 10 years old will have some or all of the following: exposed nail heads, nail-lifted shingles, cracked shingles, and loose flashing.  Also, if you have gutters and trees you might be happy to learn that we blow out gutters for no charge. 

Fast and Free Online quotes

We understand that your time is valuable, so we offer Fast online quotes with a price we stand by regardless of what surprises we find on your property. However, we also offer free in-person consultations that typically result in lower prices since we're able to do a proper inspection. Please fill out the form below and we will locate your property on Google Earth and contact you promptly for confirmation prior to measuring: